In Store Payments

Affordable solutions to simplify your payment acceptance process.

Let your payment processing fees do some good.

Whether you’re looking for a simple, old-school, countertop credit card terminal or a robust inventory tracking solution to automate your business, Brightr has your back.

We can reprogram almost any existing credit card terminal that is up-to-date and security compliant.

If you don’t have a system yet, or you are looking to upgrade, we offer have the best in affordable, PCI-compliant devices to get your business thriving.

In-Store Payments

Taking transactions at your location requires speedy & secure payment devices, reliable uptime, and knowledgeable humans just a phone call away if you ever hit a snag.

Whether a simple countertop device, or a full-feature POS system, we have the tools you need for brilliant cash flow.

Mobile Payments

The impact of mobile payments has never been greater. Enjoy the freedom, versatility, and flexibility of taking a payment from anyone anywhere.

Secure smartphone app & swiper, or a handheld POS device, get transactions done for service providers, technicians, and entrepreneurs on the go.

Man preparing package to ship e-commerce store

Online Payments

We work with major gateways to give you the choices and security you need for all of your online and over-the-phone payments.

Integrating payments into your web store is a cinch.

How Can We Help?

What works for your business?

Do you need a system to run your retail store that provides payment processing, detailed reporting, time clock, inventory control, and customer management? Or, are you more of a take a payment from my pocket type of business? However and wherever you want to accept a payment, it’s all possible with Brightr.

Countertop Systems

Swipe, dip, and tap with a sleek, compact all-in-one device.

Mobile Processing

Take a payment anywhere with a phone or tablet tased appear complete wireless terminal

Point Of Sale System

Manage your business operations while taking payments with a full POS system

Virtual Solutions

Connect your webstore for ecommerce, or take a payment over the phone with a visual terminal

Not sure where to start?

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