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Credit Card Processing

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Let your payment processing fees do some good.

Whether you have a brick & mortar, are on the go, or process payments on your website, Brightr brings you simple, transparent pricing, complete security compliance, and fast & easy set up.

Making the switch is seamless. In many cases you can use your existing terminal, point-of-sale system, gateway, or e-commerce platform. Or, get a fresh start with the latest in speed & security with one of our options.

We have the solution you’ve been looking for whether you process face-to-face, on the go, or online or over the phone.

You Deserve Choices

We can help you choose the right supplier

Because we’ve been in the business for nearly 25 years, we know that choosing the right credit card processor is a major decision. After all, credit card payments will likely account for the majority of your income.

And because we care about supporting local small businesses, we’ve created a free, unbiased guide to help make this decision as easy as possible. Brightr may not be the right solution for your needs. We get that. We’re here to support you by providing transparent information for the greater good of all business owners.

Credit Card

Credit Card

Making the switch is super simple. Enjoy wholesale pricing on Visa, MasterCard, Discover & American Express.
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Gift & Loyalty Programs

Gift & Loyalty Programs

It’s easier than ever to use the loyalty systems that used to be only available to the big players.
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By accepting credit cards you have access to a line of capital without the hoops of a traditional bank loan.
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In-Store Payments

Taking transactions at your location requires speedy & secure payment devices, reliable uptime, and knowledgeable humans just a phone call away if you ever hit a snag.

Whether a simple countertop device, or a full-feature POS system, we have the tools you need for brilliant cash flow.

Mobile Payments

The impact of mobile payments has never been greater. Enjoy the freedom, versatility, and flexibility of taking a payment from anyone anywhere.

Secure smartphone app & swiper, or a handheld POS device, get transactions done for service providers, technicians, and entrepreneurs on the go.

Man preparing package to ship e-commerce store

Online Payments

We work with major gateways to give you the choices and security you need for all of your online and over-the-phone payments.

Integrating payments into your web store is a cinch.

Not sure where to start?

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